No 104 (City of Cambridge) Squadron was founded in 1939 as part of an initiative between the Officer Commanding the Cambridge University Air Squadron, the Mayor of the City of Cambridge, and Sir Arthur Marshall.

Initially the Squadron comprised three flights of 25 cadets, with 25 cadets on the waiting list. Cadets had to pay a small weekly subscription to belong to the Squadron and contributed a further 3 pence per week towards the cost of the uniforms.

During the Second World War the Squadron trained young men to join the armed forces. Cadets of the Squadron also completed a number of wartime duties in Cambridge supporting the Home Guard.

Sir Arthur Marshall became chairman of the Civilian Committee on the formation of the Squadron - a post he held until 1975 when he was succeeded by his son Micheal. Sir Micheal Marshall was Chairman of the Civilian Committee from 1975 until 2013 when he was succeeded by his stepson Christopher Walkinshaw.

Since its foundation, the Squadron has focused its effort on providing leadership skills to young people with a strong focus on flying and aviation.

Since its foundation, the Squadron has received exceptionally strong support from Marshall of Cambridge. The Squadron received the Honorary Freedom of the City of Cambridge during its 60th anniversary year in 1999, and today very strong links are maintained between the Squadron and the City, with cadets conducting a wide range of Civic Duties.

Past Commanding Officers

1939              Squadron Leader A J Banham
1939 - 1946   Flight Lieutenant A H Chapman, MBE MA
1946 - 1947   Flight Lieutenant S Dawson
1947 - 1949   Flight Lieutenant A W Farrell DFC AFC
1949 - 1953   Flight Lieutenant W M L Bispham, BA
1953 - 1955   Flight Lieutenant G A E Hodgkinson
1955 - 1966   Flight Lieutenant D H Snazle
1966 - 1969   Flight Lieutenant B J Lewis
1969 - 1970   Flight Lieutenant D Winters
1970 - 1974   Flight Lieutenant D V Hopkin BSc FRIC
1974 - 1976   Flight Lieutenant B G R Starr LIOB
1976 - 1982   Flight Lieutenant S Colmer
1982 - 1988   Flight Lieutenant C Davies
1988 - 1995   Flight Lieutenant G A Varley
1995 - 2003   Flight Lieutenant P J Chapman
2003 - 2013   Flight Lieutenant R A Slack
2013 - 2017   Flight Lieutenant K A J Hicks M Ed
2017 -            Flight Lieutenant H Bowden Eng Tech ARAeS RAFAC