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Air Training Corps


Each year, air cadets have the chance to fly in a GrobTutor with an RAF Pilot and have an Air Experience Flight (AEF) where they have the opportunity to fly the plane themselves and do aerobatics, which will allow them to gain the blue RAFAC wings.

There are also opportunities to apply for scholarships such as the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme (ACPS) and Every year Marshalls Aerospace at Cambridge Airport offer the Leslie Worsdell Scholarship. This will allow a cadet to gain a higher set of wings to put on their jumper.


Similarly to flying, air cadets also get the opportunity to go gliding, although less often. The main glider used within the air cadets is the viking which has 2 seats, one infront of the other and is launched by a winch. Again, cadets also have the opportunity to apply for scholarships such as the silver gliding scholarship (SGS) which will also allow them to gain a higher set of wings.

Building a Red Arrow Model

Modelling and Aircraft Recognition

We want to offer every Cadet a broad appreciation of Aviation. We do this by allowing Cadets to build Airfix models and Dioramas which we can enter into an annual competition. We also encourage Cadets to build a comprehensive knowledge of Aircraft and how they operated, include modern aircraft flown by the RAF and its historic aircraft.