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Air Training Corps
How To Join?

First Steps

So you have decided you want to join us, or maybe you have some more questions about 104 Squadron. Please feel free to contact us either through our email address 104@rafac.mod.gov.uk or via Facebook! We try to reply as soon as we are able, but may be limited to our Parade Nights only.

We also run regular recruitment nights, where those that are interested can come and see our Cadets and Staff and ask any more questions you have? These are regularly posted on our Facebook page!

We look forward to hearing from you!

104 Cadet during Leadership Task
The Air Cadet Brassard

What Happens Next?

After you have attended the recruitment night you will have been given some forms to complete, on the next parade night bring these forms into the Squadron and the Staff or Cadet Non-Commissioned Officers will collect them. This is then used to create an Online Profile for you to access all the learning materials and event booking platform. Then all you need to do is attend regularly and participate. 

You will go through the First Class Cadet training programme where you learn what it means to be a Cadet, and the basics of most of the different Activities you can complete as a Cadet.

After finishing the First Class Cadet training you will have more and more opportunities presented to you, including RAF station visits, Flying or Gliding and Target Shooting. 

Become an Adult Volunteer

As an Adult you too can be part of Cadets. There are so many opportunities for People over 18 to help our young people through their time with the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. 

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to develop your leadership skills, communication and professional skills. All of which will help you outside of the Cadet Environment.

There are many roles to available, and so many ways you could help the Cadets. Either as a Uniformed member of Staff or a Civilian, Cadet Squadrons would not be what they are without the incredible work of our Adult Volunteers!

If you would like to know more please Email us at