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Air Training Corps
Camps & Visits
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An Air Cadet Camp is an opportunity for Cadets to visit an Active RAF Station in the UK and Overseas. Camps are organised by the Wing, Region and Corps each with a different purpose.

  • Visiting different RAF Stations to learn about their role within the RAF
  • Fieldcraft Camp where Cadets learn military basics
  • Drill & Ceremonial Camp

No matter what camp cadets go on, it allows them to meet and make friends with other cadets within the corps which they may see at different events in the future. Camps also allow the cadets to gain knowledge while having fun! 


Cadets also have the opportunity to visit different RAF bases for a day. This could include visits to Air Traffic Control, the Fire Section, Aircraft tours and other units on the base. 

104 Cadets at RAF Coningsby BBMF