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Air Training Corps
What do we do?

Being an Air Cadet gives you access to many different activities!

Flt Sgt showing Brassard
104 Cadet throwing the Javelin at Annual Athletics Competition
Being an Air Cadet can give you access to Flying and Gliding opportunities with the RAF's Air Experience Flying Squadrons, as well as Flying and Gliding Scholarships.
Camps & Visits
As an Air Cadet you can have the opportunity to visit different RAF stations visiting the different sections and what makes up the RAF as a whole.
Duke of Edinburgh Award
The Duke of Edinburgh Award is available to all Cadets baged 14+
Leadership & Fieldcraft
Being a Cadet is more then just participating in classroom activities, we want to help you become the best you can be.
Just like the RAF we offer opportunities to participate in different Sports to help Cadets grow and develop.
Target Shooting
We offer the opportunity for Cadets to participate in Target Shooting training and Competitions
Adventure Training
We offer a range of Adventurous Activities from Hill Walking, Climbing to Kayaking.
Drill & Ceremonial
As all Military organisations we want our cadets to look their best and present themselves as professional as possible, Drill is one of our many tools to help our Cadets achieve their Best.
First Aid
We offer various levels of First Aid Training to benefit the Cadet and the Community.
Space & Cyber
We offer a growing curriculum of training that matches the needs of a growing RAF.
Science Technology Engineering and Manufacturing are core to the RAF and its ability to fly the Aircraft of the future. We offer training opportunities to enable the Cadets to pursue STEM fields that interest them.